Test Anglès

Si us plau fes el Test de Nivell.Necessitem saber el teu nivell per posar-te en el grup adequat. El Test l’has de fer individualment i sense consultar el diccionari.

Els test de nivell nomès s’ha de fer a partir dels 12 anys.

Moltes gràcies

1. I work in an office, but my wife _____

2. This book is _____

3. "Is that his book?" "No, it´s _____”

4. John can swim, but Alice _____

5. I can´t go to the football match because I haven´t got _____ money.

6. Edward usually _____ in a hotel when he comes to town, but tonight he _____ with us.

7. "Do you like fish?"

8. How often _____ to church?

9. Your English is much _____ mine.

10. Segovia is _____ Madrid.

11. Yesterday I _____ to the Prado and _____ "Las Meninas."

12. The telephone rang when _____, so I couldn't answer it.

13. She _____ speak German when she was 6 years old

14. He was born _____1965.

15. What _____ tomorrow night? Would you like to come to a party?

16. Edith is _____ classical music.

17. _____ to Scotland last month?

18. _____ open the door for you?

19. The concert is still going on. It hasn´t finished _____

20. It was a lovely holiday. We really _____

21. The people _____ in our building are very nice.

22. A new bypass _____ at the moment.

23. The teacher told me _____ Spanish in class.

24. I´d rather not go _____ an Indian restaurant, I´m not very keen _____ Indian food.

25. There _____ an accident. Can you phone the police?

26. I'm sorry, I'm late. _____ for me?

27. _____ been to Scotland?

28. "I can't stand my job!" "Well, If I _____ you, I would look for another one".

29. He asked me if _____ to New York.

30. "Is John a good cook?" "Yes, and _____ his wife."

31. The policeman wanted _____ my passport.

32. After _____ for two hours, he finally went home.

33. I thought he was the funniest person _____.

34. My sister was always seen _____ the black sheep of the family.

35. A special bus comes to pick them up _____.

36. He'll lose his job _____ he works harder; he's very lazy.

37. Everybody knew he _____ from his employer for years.

38. We _____ home soon; it's getting late.

39. I _____ of money by the end of the month.

40. I want _____.

41. She longed to visit the house in Scotland where she was _____ as a child.

42. She has _____ nice personality that everyone likes her.

43. I´d rather you _____ anything about this to anyone, please.

44. If it _____ for the quick thinking of the neighbour, the fire_____ to other floors.

45. "Is Tom going with you?" "No, we asked _____ along, but he is busy."

46. Many accidents are caused because tourists in England _____ on the left-hand side of the road.

47. This is a No Parking area _____ who parks their car here will have to pay a fine.

48. If only I _____ harder when I was a child.

49. Did you remember _____ Tim that we can´t go on Saturday?.

50. There´s no point in phoning him this afternoon. He _____ in the garden and won´t hear the phone.